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    The future's greatest opportunities lie in high-barrier markets across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Discover our full suite of products across these markets and beyond.

Financial Markets Division

Astrofinnex Bank strives to achieve maximum value and strong terms, with a keen focus on strategic fit and minimal disruption to the business - management and operations.

Astrofinnex Bank Financial Markets Division focuses on providing Financial Advisory services to top & middle-tier clients in the various sectors of the economy. Products offering include; Treasury and Assets Management, Financial Advisory Services and Permanent/Long & Medium Term Finance.

The objective being to increase the existing financing channels for the private and public sectors through access to the local and international debt & equity Capital Markets, Trading (currencies, fixed income and equities) and Asset Management.

A key characteristic of our operating model is the Division's unique ability to combine the Bank's financing capabilities to offer existing and potential clients an increasingly broad range of Investment Banking products and services.

Consequently, as the Bank's capacity, reach and market share increased, particularly during the 2007/8 financial year, our Investment Banking business underwent a significant and progressive restructuring culminating in the emergence of two full-fledged Groups, Corporate Finance Group and Treasury & Assets Management.