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Experience the world of Premium Banking Services with Astrofinnex Bank.

  • Saving is good. Saving smartly is even better.

    As one of the world's leading international banks, we are well positioned to help you manage your wealth. More importantly, our way of banking lays the foundation for a highly successful long-term partnership with you.

To provide you with a convenient and secure way to make cash withdrawals and payments, you may also apply for a debit card.

Goods and services can be purchased using the card and cash can be withdrawn at an ATM displaying the Visa or Master Card logo.

With Unite Offshore Bank, you have access to all the banking facilities you would expect from an international bank. Our one-bank model means you'll benefit from the full complement of our resources and capabilities across our extensive global network of 89,000 staff, across 1,700 branches, offices and outlets, in more than 68 countries.

Connecting you to the growth markets

Reap the benefits of our established presence in some of the world's most dynamic markets - Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

We've successfully built connections across these growth markets throughout our 150-year history. Leverage our experience and go beyond the usual channels to grow your wealth.